On most Saturday mornings in the year, our students, get up early. Unlike the other children in the area, they do not spend Saturday mornings playing with friends or helping around the house – they travel by bus to a special Saturday school set up in October 2010 by a group of university friends.

At Lesedi Outreach our aim is to create an enriching learning environment, based on the premise that Saturday School should be fun, should expose the students to problem-solving challenges, educational games and that learning should be a by-product of these activities.

Through consistent love, commitment, patience, grace and dedication, we communicate to our students that they are loved and have the ability to improve their lives through education.

What we do

For various reasons, the students who attend out Saturday School have fallen behind. The education gaps are massive and basic human developmental areas critical for modern education are missing. We came to realise, that filling in the gaps is impossible

Why we do it

We believe that education is the most valuable resource in the world. Engendering an ability to learn throughout their lives, is a gift we want to give to every child that comes to Lesedi Saturday School. If you stop and

Our Story

In 2010, when Gareth went to Drummond at the request of his mother who was involved in a church outreach project there, he had little idea that he was taking a step on a path that would lead to bigger

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What our volunteers say

It's incredibly rewarding to find a programme that has a clear vision of how we can help improve lives through education. In addition, it is fun learning new things along with our students.

Lori Bentley teacher - grade 10-11