Because many of our students have suffered mediocre schooling, the educational gaps are massive and basic human developmental areas critical for modern education are missing.

We came to realise, that filling in the gaps is impossible at a grade and curriculum level because we only have 3 hours a week to fill the gaps and we have too many students and too many different levels of ability.

The skills everyone needs to be successful are not content based, but involve: high level thinking, inhibitory control, working memory, cognitive diversity, problem solving, creativity, communication, collaboration, and self-confidence. These are the skills we are focussing on developing in every child at Lesedi.

We use experientially rich constructive play to challenge and inspire our students to develop these skills. They range from grade 4-11, but in age from 9-21 years old.

Manipulatives like Lego educational equipment, puzzles, physical games, educational toys from simple to elaborate are used.

As reading and comprehension are essential skills, with the help of LectorSA, we have enrolled all our students in their on-line reading skills course, which gives us constant measurement of their progress in comprehension. In 2015 we had a 35% average improvement in comprehension.

We truly believe that despite the educational hand these learners have been dealt they can make great strides in developing skill that will aid them in this new world of work as well as in their schooling.