We have been incredibly lucky to work closely in association with a four amazing organisations:

logo-HeronBridgeHeronBridge Community Church in the form of their pastor, Ed and the congregation who support us by providing food for the children each and every Saturday and who donate to keep us going.




HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre, our sister educational outreach programme.


ad integ - goldHeronBridge College – For generous donations of space, not just class room space, but also computer lab time, storage space and library space for our little lending library. Also for the use of their buses to transport our students to and from school and the bus drivers who are a group of amazing people!




1426838242Care For Education, the outreach branch of Lego Education through Hands on Tech. Our teachers have spent many hours at Hands On Tech being trained in education using Lego manipulatives. Huge fun!




Other sponsors are:

LectorSA – who developed the Lab-online reading programme and let us register our students at reduced rates.